Check-in online

Due to the recent pandemic and the needing of maintaining social distance, we have enabled the website to do an online check-in without any contact.
In the following form you should upload the identity documents or photographed in enough quality.

Accepted documents: DNI / NIE / PASSPORT / European country identity card.
The identity document of all tenants must be uploaded, even minors and babys.

The check-in must be done one week in advance, after receiving the request we will check that all the documents are correct and we will send you the settlement document, with which you can access the “online payment” page.
Remind you that the payment of the settlement must be made at least 48 / 72h before the entry.

Once we recive the payment you will recive a confirmation email with the recipt and the code for the security box where you will be able to pick up the keys, all without any human contact.

We inform you that Miami Ortiz SL complies with current regulations and all health recommendations in reference to COVID-19.

Our apartments are adapted to the regulatory changes for this season: all the objects most likely to spread COVID-19 has been removed,
such as cushions, toys, and non-essential items; in the first place performing preventive actions such as a thermonebulization to guarantee a dep cleaning and total desinfection;
afterwards, we will procede to regular cleaning practices of the apartment, surfaces will be disinfected with chlorinated bactericides and finally complete ozone disinfection.
The accommodation will be ventilated at least one hour before entry.

Also as an exceptional measure we have enabled an area on the website called "Check-in Online" where you will find all the steps to follow for the new check-in without any physical contact.