Terms & Conditions

    Rentals are for a full week, with arrival and departure on Saturday. Some exceptions can be considered in low season and for last minute reservations. In this case, prices may vary from those stipulated per week

    The reservation will be made effective by paying * 40% of the accommodation amount ** online through our website https://es.miamiortiz.com/, where you can view the exact availability of the accommodations and your reservation will remain recorded directly in our system.

    * You can choose to pay by card without extra charge or by bank transfer, in this case the expenses will be paid by the client.
    ** This amount excludes security deposit and tourist taxes.

    A second payment of 40% of the accommodation amount will be required one month before arrival, either by bank card or bank transfer.

    For reasons of COVID19 we will manage all tickets in advance, without contact. To do this, they must access the section of our website “Check-in online”, register their data in the form and proceed to upload documents.

    The last step is the payment of the outstanding amount (the remaining 20% ​​+ tourist tax). This amount must be paid several days before arrival at the accommodation, through the “Online payments” section.
    Once the payment is made, they will receive the password with which to open the box of keys at the door of our office or at the door of the accommodation.

    We regret not being able to receive you, but we will attend to any need or urgency that may arise in the accommodation, with prior notice.

    Departures: before 10 in the morning in high season and 11 in low season.

    Down Payment. (Bond)
    A security deposit will be retained by credit card pre-authorization. This amount will be unblocked by us on the first business day after your departure (note that the unlocking will take a few days to be reflected in the movements of your card).

    The amount of this deposit is:
    € 200: apartments Gavines, N30, N35, Mar y Cel, Flamencos 312 and Flamencos 201
    € 250: apartments Montroig 1, Montroig 73, Rosaleda and Bahia.
    € 300: chalets San Miguel, Dali, Terol, Capriccio
    € 350: chalet Miró.
    € 500: groups of young people to be accepted.

    Covers any damage to property or furniture, repairs, breakages, additional cleaning, garbage, loss of keys (*) or remote control, late check-out or noise complaints from neighbors.

    In the case of repair costs or other losses exceed the amount of the security deposit, the client will compensate the owner by paying the extra amount that is required.

    If you detect a fault or breakage upon arrival, please let us know as soon as possible by phone call or email.

    (*) In case our presence is necessary if you forget your keys inside the house, it will have an extra charge of € 50 outside of working hours. If the intervention of a locksmith is necessary, the customer will be responsible for paying the locksmith’s bill.

    Tourist tax:
    It will be charged together with the final 20% of the reservation price, through the payment form in the “Online payment” section of our website.
    Rates are 0.9 € per night (plus VAT) up to a maximum of 7 nights and per adult over 16 years old.

    Key handover:
    Once all the transactions are carried out, the client will receive a code with which to open the box of keys of their property, either at the door of the property or at the door of the office.

    Changes and cancellations:
    The amount paid on account secures the reservation for both the client and the owner.
    In case of cancellation of the reservation by the client, whatever the reason, this amount will be returned only if new tenants can be found for the same period and the same reservation conditions, and only once the owner receives the deposit. of this new reserve.

    For the same reason, the contracted stays cannot be modified: in principle, changes of accommodation will not be possible. The duration of the reservation may be extended but not reduced. Dates cannot be changed. There will be no refunds for days not enjoyed for late arrivals or early departures.

    If it is a “last minute” cancellation and it is not feasible to rent this accommodation to another tenant, the total received for the reservation will be lost, without any refund.
    Baby cot and chair:
    A cot (wooden or folding travel depending on availability) and a high chair will be supplied on request: € 20 per lot and stay.

    All our properties have internet service. The service has an extra cost of € 2.20 / day. (Consult)

    Linens and towels:
    On the property you will find bedspreads in summer as well as blankets and duvets in winter.
    Towels and sheets in summer or duvet covers in winter will be provided on request. Check prices (please bring your own beach towels).

    Departure cleaning costs an additional € 90 to € 120, depending on the size of the property. This service does not include cleaning the kitchen and its equipment, the furniture will be placed in the original location and the toys must be neatly arranged in your closet or shelf.

    * COVID19: As a result of recent changes in regulations due to covid19, we are forced to carry out an exhaustive cleaning and disinfection service of the accommodation, in a specialized way, including disinfection with chlorine and bleach and final ozonization treatment. For this reason, during this year and in the coming years in which the prevention measures against COVID19 last, the price of this service has been increased. They can consult it when making the reservation.

    Pets are admitted in some properties with a surcharge of € 22 / stay and pet. (Consult)
    Except for exceptions, pets are not allowed in the months of July and August. They should bring a basket for their pet and make sure they do not get on the sofas or beds.
    Under no circumstances will the animals be left alone inside the accommodation. Please check before your departure that your pet has not left any excrement on the terrace or garden. Bringing a pet without prior consent may be penalized with the loss of the guarantee deposit.

    Supermarket shopping service for customers with late arrivals: € 15 (plus the purchase amount)
    Some supermarkets are open on Sunday mornings in low season and all day in high season, but if you need basic products upon arrival for dinner or breakfast, please send a detailed list.


    Community rules:
    The tenant has to respect at all times the rules of the community of owners of the rented house.

    Number of guests:
    Apart from a reasonable number of visitors on a particular day (as requested by guests and previously approved by us) the number of people occupying the property must not exceed the number stipulated in the reservation details. Any breach will allow us to terminate the rental agreement and will result in loss of deposit and immediate eviction from the Property.

    Under these circumstances the customer will not receive any refund. Guests are responsible for their actions and for the actions of their visitors within the period of their stay at the property.

    Youth groups:
    Youth groups are not allowed in most of our properties.
    If accepted, the amount of the deposit will be € 100 per person with a minimum of € 300 to € 500 depending on the property

    Furniture and equipment:
    Furniture, bedding, appliances or electronic devices may not be removed from the property or placed within a new location on the Property. If this occurs, an amount of the bond will be retained for the time lost to return them to their original position.

    Parking: please, consult characteristics in the accommodation file before making your reservation.

    Due to the different origins of our tenants, the antenna is oriented so that it can be viewed in order to satisfy the majority of our clients.

    Tampering with the encoder or antenna by clients is prohibited.

    If you want a different orientation, please let us know, the antenna technician – upon direct payment of approx. € 30 – will orient the antenna according to the required language or country.

    For the comfort of future guests, we ask that you smoke only on the balcony or garden.

    Pool and water safety:
    Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

    Guest personal property:
    The security of the personal property of the guests is the sole responsibility of the guests.

    Although we carry out continuous checks and reviews, unexpected breakdowns are always possible. In this sense, we will do everything possible to minimize inconveniences, trying to resolve reported breakdowns or flaws in the shortest possible time. Please be aware that in some cases (holidays, outside business hours, etc.) it is not always possible to obtain specialized technical assistance.

We inform you that Miami Ortiz SL complies with current regulations and all health recommendations in reference to COVID-19.

Our apartments are adapted to the regulatory changes for this season: all the objects most likely to spread COVID-19 has been removed,
such as cushions, toys, and non-essential items; in the first place performing preventive actions such as a thermonebulization to guarantee a dep cleaning and total desinfection;
afterwards, we will procede to regular cleaning practices of the apartment, surfaces will be disinfected with chlorinated bactericides and finally complete ozone disinfection.
The accommodation will be ventilated at least one hour before entry.

Also as an exceptional measure we have enabled an area on the website called "Check-in Online" where you will find all the steps to follow for the new check-in without any physical contact.